Drilling Commences in Quebec Following SGL Airborne Survey Work

November 2021 - Sander Geophysics is proud to see AIRGrav data being used to target exploration for battery metals. The Graal property in northern Quebec, where Canada Silver Cobalt Works has commenced drilling for copper, nickel and cobalt, is one of five blocks flown early this year using SGL's unique AIRGrav airborne gravity system.

Canada Silver Cobalt has Commenced Drilling at the Nickel-Copper Graal Property in Northern Quebec

Junior Mining Network (juniorminingnetwork.com), 15 November 2021

SGL Flying Helicopter Survey in Idaho

September 2021 - Sander Geophysics is delighted to have started flying a magnetic and radiometric helicopter survey in north-central Idaho over Lemhi and Custer Counties. USGS and IGS scientists have initiated this survey over rugged mountainous terrain, where ground accessibility is difficult, to study the mineral resources present in the area.

Helicopter Making Low-Level Flights over North-Central Idaho

USGS (usgs.gov), 9 September 2021

SGL Flying Helicopter Survey in Colorado

May 2021 - Sander Geophysics is thrilled to shortly begin flying a magnetic and radiometric helicopter survey in Colorado covering parts of the Wet Mountains and the Wet Mountain Valley in Fremont and Custer Counties. This project is part of the USGS Earth MRI project and has been developed in conjunction with the Colorado Geological Survey to learn more about the geology of the area.

USGS Low-level Helicopter Surveys Begin Early June

USGS (usgs.gov), 27 May 2021

Sander Geophysics Resumes Flying in Ireland

May 2021 - Sander Geophysics is very pleased to resume survey flying in Ireland as part of the Geological Survey of Ireland´s ongoing Tellus project. SGL´s de Havilland Twin Otter (registration C-GSGF) will be flying at 60 m over counties Laois, Kilkenny, Tipperary and Waterford, and neighbouring parts of Kildare, Carlow, Offaly and Cork in south central Ireland for the next several months gathering magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic data.

Airborne Survey

Geological Survey of Ireland (gsi.ie)

Current Airborne Survey Area

Geological Survey of Ireland (gsi.ie)

Tellus Survey to Restart this Month

Flying in Ireland (flynginireland.com), 2 May 2021

SGL is Flying a Geophysical Survey over Northern Maine this Spring and Summer

May 2021 - Sander Geophysics is pleased to have been selected to fly a high resolution magnetic and radiometric survey in Northern Maine. This project is part of a nationwide collaboration between the USGS and state geologists called the Earth Mapping Resources Initiative (Earth MRI) to increase understanding of geology in various regions of the country. “It has been more than 60 years since a public high resolution survey was flown in northern Maine, and we are excited about the new information that the data will provide,” said Amber Whittaker with the Maine Geological Survey.

Media Alert: Flights Above Northern Maine to Map Geology

USGS (usgs.gov), 12 May 2021

Sander Geophysics Completes Airborne Gravity and Magnetic Surveys for Mineral Exploration in Quebec

April 2021 - Sander Geophysics has recently completed flying five properties in Quebec for Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. SGL flew its unique AIRGrav system mounted in a helicopter to acquire very high resolution gravity and magnetic data. Canada Silver Cobalt says it aims to use the data from these surveys to help "...identify the magmatic reservoir potentially hosting significant amounts of Nickel- and Copper-Sulphide masses at the base of the magmatic chamber."

Canada Silver Cobalt Completes Geophysical Airborne Survey, Plans Drill Program on Quebec EV Properties

CISION, newswire.ca, 20 April 2021