Gravity Data Released from SGL's Western Australia AIRGrav Survey

December 2018 - The Geological Survey of Australia released preliminary Bouguer anomaly grids and images from several gravity surveys flown by SGL in Western Australia. Following further verification, final data will be released. The preliminary data can be downloaded using the GeoVIEW.WA interactive mapping application.

For the 9th Year AIRGrav Goes to Antarctica with NASA

October 2018 - SGL is very proud to once again be involved in NASA's IceBridge project. This is the ninth year that SGL has supplied its industry leading AIRGrav airborne gravimeter to assist with NASA's polar research. For the first time data will be gathered using IceBridge, NASA’s DC-8 airborne science laboratory and also from space with NASA's new satellite the Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2). “This campaign is our second-to-last Antarctic campaign and it is arguably the most scientifically diverse that IceBridge has ever done,” said Joe MacGregor, IceBridge’s project scientist and a glaciologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

The mission of Operation IceBridge is to collect data on the changing polar land and sea ice and maintain continuity of measurements between ICESat missions. The original ICESat mission ended in 2009, and its successor, ICESat-2, successfully collected its first ice measurements this month on October 3rd.

Operation IceBridge, ICESat-2 Join Forces To Survey Antarctica

NASA, 12 October 2018

videoNASA Tracking Melting Ice In Antarctica

CBS, October 2018

videoClimate Diaries: Antarctica Ice Melting at an Ever Quicker Rate

CBS, October 2018

SGL Helps Target Tier-One Zinc Deposits in Ireland

September 2018 - Survey production in Ireland is well underway on the latest phase of the Tellus project, which will see Sander Geophysics gather over 40,000 line kilometres of high resolution magnetic, radiometric and EM data, and exploration companies are eagerly awaiting the latest data. Group Eleven Resources is one such company, as they search for tier-one zinc deposits in the Limerick and Silvermines Basins. According to Group Eleven Resources, "integrating the results of this Tellus survey into the Company’s ongoing ‘Big Think’ regional exploration program is expected to materially advance high-quality near-term drill targets in this very prospective region."

Group Eleven Resources Announces Major Step in 'Big Think' Exploration in the Irish Zinc-Lead District

Junior Mining Network (, 27 September 2018

Sander Geophysics is Back in Ireland

August 2018 - Sander Geophysics returns to Ireland as part of the Geological Survey of Ireland´s ongoing Tellus project. SGL´s de Havilland Twin Otter (registration C-GSGF) will be flying at 60 m over County Cork for the next several months gathering over 40,000 line kilometres of magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic data. Dr James Hodgson, Senior Geologist and Project Manager for Tellus said: "The Tellus Survey is an important and exciting project which keeps providing us with significant information about the geological composition of Ireland. This latest airborne phase builds on the work done up until now and is the first step towards ‘mapping’ 75% of Ireland by 2020."

Look up! Survey plane to fly over Cork for months

Evening Echo (, 11 August 2018

SGL Awarded Three New Gravity Surveys in Australia

May 2018 - Sander Geophysics has started flying another large airborne gravity project in Australia. Following on from our successful East Kimberley airborne gravity survey in 2016, SGL was recently awarded three new surveys, totalling over 175,000 lkm, in Western Australia. The project is being conducted on behalf of the Western Australia Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), and Geoscience Australia (GA), a division of the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. The surveys are designed to support regional geological mapping, and the fully processed data are expected to be publicly available in late 2018. Sander Geophysics is proud to have been selected for this important project, and we are very pleased to be working with DMIRS and GA again.

Airborne gravity survey to help understanding of Kimberley geology

Government of Western Australia, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (, 3 May 2018

Latest Phase of Ireland's Tellus Airborne Geophysical Survey Data Released

March 2018 - The Geological Survey Ireland has released geophysical data Sander Geophysics acquired during the spring and summer of 2017, over counties Donegal and Mayo. SGL´s de Havilland Twin Otter (registration C-GSGF) gathered over 46,000 lkm of data using SGL's multi-parameter platform, which includes the high resolution SGFEM four frequency electromagnetic system. Koen Verbruggen, Director of Geological Survey Ireland stated “We’re pleased to have successfully completed the latest phase of Tellus surveying and the high-quality geoscience information is vital to the work carried out by the Geological Survey as well as wider stakeholders in areas of radon prevention, groundwater supplies, mineral exploration and agriculture.” Sander Geophysics looks forward to returning to Ireland this spring to complete the next phase of this important project.

More geological secrets of Ireland’s west and northwest revealed in latest phase of Tellus survey by Geological Survey Ireland

Geological Survey Ireland (, 12 March 2018

Aerial survey of Donegal reveals new findings - data can assist in assessing radon risks

Donegal News (, 12 March 2018