Tellus Ireland Survey Done for 2015

November 2015 - Sander Geophysics has just completed the fourth phase of the Tellus project involving the collection of geophysical data for the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) over eastern Ireland.  The Minister for Natural Resources, Joe McHugh announced "... the current phase of airborne surveying is now complete, on-schedule, marking another significant milestone for this important national project".  In all, 32,643 km were flown using SGL's multi-parameter Twin Otter survey aircraft, which simultaneously recorded high resolution frequency domain electromagnetics, magnetics and radiometrics.  Final data processing is now underway at SGL´s head office, and the GSI will make the data publicly available in early 2016.

Tellus airborne survey touches down for 2015 in eastern Ireland (Irish Government News Service), November 3, 2015

Tellus Ireland Survey is Progressing Well

September 2015 - Sander Geophysics´ airborne survey in Ireland for the Tellus project is progressing well, and flying is currently taking place over County Meath.  The communication campaign continues to be a major focus to alert the local population to SGL's low flying aircraft.  The progress of the magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic survey in the midland and east region of Ireland can be tracked on the Tellus website.  According to the Geological Survey of Ireland the previous phases of this exploration project have resulted in positive international interest.

Tellus takes off over Meath, August 13, 2015

Combined SkyTEM and AIRGrav Survey in Hope Bay, Nunavut

September 2015 - Sander Geophysics is pleased to report that data acquisition on TMAC Resources´ Hope Bay and Elu gold mining projects in Nunavut has begun. Sander Geophysics and SkyTEM have teamed to acquire over 15,000 line kilometres of combined electromagnetic, magnetic and gravity data over TMAC´s properties. The airborne data will be used to supplement previous exploration carried out on the Greenstone belt, helping TMAC create Canada´s next major gold mining camp.

Combined SkyTEM and AIRGrav Survey in Hope Bay, Nunavut

Sander Geophysics, TMAC and SkyTEM, September 2015

Official Launch of Results from Malawi's Countrywide High Resolution Airborne Geophysical Survey

August 2015 - Results from Sander Geophysics' airborne survey over Malawi are now available.  Sander Geophysics acquired and processed a total of 443,055 kilometres of magnetic and radiometric data and a total of 14,596 kilometres of gravity data.  Data acquisition started on September 23, 2013, using three identically equipped survey aircraft, and the fully processed data and final products were submitted to the Ministry of Natural Resources Energy and Mining on June 28, 2015.  The high resolution geophysical data can be obtained from the Government of Malawi's Geophysical Surveys Department.

Official Launch of the Country Wide High Resolution Airborne Geophysical Data, August 14, 2015

Malawi's Geologica Surveys Department Launches Wide High Resolution Airborne Geophysical Data

The Marabi Post (, August 15, 2015

Tellus Ireland Survey is Underway

July 2015 - The previously announced airborne magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic survey in the midland and east region of Ireland is well underway.  Survey progress can be tracked on the Tellus website.  In a recent press release horse and livestock owners are informed that SGL's Twin Otter, flying at a height of 60m, is now acquiring data over Kildare, north Laois and north Wicklow.

Horse Owners Alerted As Tellus Takes Off Over Kildare, Laois and Wicklow, July 30, 2015

Lindsay Upiter Wins Gold at GEM Systems, Studies in Magnetic Methods

June 2015 - Lindsay Upiter, a new member of SGL´s geophysics department has been awarded the top prize in the GEM Systems Studies in Magnetic Methods contest with her M.Sc project, entitled: "Sensor motion noise in helicopter-borne triaxial magnetic gradiometric data".  As the winner she receives $2,000 USD.  The research was done at Carleton University in collaboration with Canadian Mining Geophysics Airborne and supervised by Dr. Claire Samson.

Studies in Magnetic Methods Contest six winners selected, June 2015

Sander Geophysics Awarded New Survey in Ireland

June 2015 - The Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) has awarded Sander Geophysics an airborne magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic survey in the midland and east region of Ireland.  This survey is a continuation of the Tellus Border survey that Sander flew in 2011-12.  According to the GSI, the data from this new survey will be used to enhance the geological maps of the area, manage resources and promote mineral exploration.

New airborne survey — midland and east region, June 2015

SGL Completes Airborne Survey in Guyana

May 2015 - CGX announces completion of SGL's airborne gravity and magnetic survey in Guyana.

CGX Energy Responds to Media Reports relating to Drilling Results in Guyana and Provides Operational Update, May 7, 2015

Sander Geophysics Finishes Surveying in Uruguay

March 2015 - Sander Geophysics has completed flying over 180,000 lkm of high resolution geophysics in Uruguay, and final data preparation is now underway.  The survey began late in 2014 and involved three of SGL's Cessna Grand Caravans acquiring magnetics and gamma-ray spectrometry over eight areas of the country.  A local reporter visited SGL´s crew in the field as the project was winding down and filed this article.

Operando desde Santa Bernardina, empresa canadiense relevó suelos; la tareau fue realizada al sur del Río Negro, en la región centro del país (Spanish), 16 de marzo de 2015

NWMO Concludes Preliminary Assessment:  Creighton, SK and Schreiber, ON

March 2015 - The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has announced that it has concluded preliminary assessment work in the communities of Creighton, Saskatchewan, and Schreiber, Ontario, as part of the multi-year plan to find a site where a deep geological repository could be constructed to safely contain and isolate Canada´s used nuclear fuel over the long-term.   Sander Geophysics Ltd. (SGL) conducted airborne gravity and magnetic surveys over these communities under contract to NWMO, and SGL's interpretation of these geophysical data forms part of the preliminary assessments.  SGL's reports on the acquisition, processing and interpretation of the airborne gravity and magnetic data for the two communities can be found here:

NWMO Concludes Studies in Creighton, Saskatchewan and Schreiber, Ontario

NWMO (, March 3, 2015

World´s First TDEM/Gravity/Mag Systems Offered by SGL and SkyTEM

February 2015 - SkyTEM and Sander Geophysics have collaborated to offer the combined deep looking MultiMoment® helicopter TEM system with the high resolution AIRGrav technology.  The systems were recently flown over the industry standard Caber test site, near Matagami, Québec.  This combination of cutting edge helicopter-borne technologies on a single cost effective platform offers economic solutions to all exploration sectors.  Surveys with SkyTEM's TDEM system and AIRGrav are available now.

The World´s First Helicopter TDEM/Gravity/Mag Systems

SGL & SkyTEM, February 2015

Multidisciplinary Survey Completed in Kenya:  SGL Acquired Airborne Gravity and Magnetic Data in 2013

February 2015 - CAMAC Energy just completed the 2D seismic portion of a multidisciplinary survey in Kenya.  The first stage of the project was an airborne magnetic and gravity survey flown by Sander Geophysics, which involved flying over 10,000 line kilometres of high resolution magnetic data and gravity data with SGL's AIRGrav system.  Results of the airborne survey were used to help position the seismic lines over geophysical targets of interest.  CAMAC says that the seismic survey will be used in conjunction with the previously completed airborne gravity and magnetic surveys to help identify potential drilling targets.

CAMAC Energy completes 2D seismic survey in Kenya

Oil Review Africa (, February 12, 2015