AIRGrav Data to Improve Geological Knowledge and Refine the Geoid Around Melbourne, Australia

February 2024 - Sander Geophysics is flying a high resolution magnetic and gravity survey over the Melbourne area as part of a larger project covering parts of Victoria and South Australia. The survey is being flown with AIRGrav, which is SGL's purpose-built airborne gravimeter. Susan Haydon, Senior Geophysicist, Geological Survey of Victoria states that the aim of the survey work is to "build a more consistent and accurate map of Victoria's gravity to improve the vertical precision of GPS and our understanding of the state's geological architecture."

Airborne survey helping to improve our geological knowledge around Melbourne

Resources Victoria (, 27 February 2024

SGL Flying Large Survey over Alabama, Florida and Georgia

January 2024 - Sander Geophysics is very pleased to have been selected to fly a large magnetic and radiometric fixed wing survey for the USGS, Geological Survey of Alabama and the Florida Geological Survey. This survey is part of the USGS Earth Mapping Resource Initiative to increase the geologic framework knowledge of the United States employing various techniques including geophysical surveys.

Low-Level Flights to Image Geology over part of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia

USGS (, 5 January 2024

SGL Completes Gravity Survey in Quebec

December 2023 - In November, Sander Geophysics completed a high resolution helicopter-borne AIRGrav survey for Bonterra Resources over its Desmaraisville North and South Properties. Bonterra reports that one purpose of the survey is to "identify potential targets of gold enrichment in enhanced basement alteration associated with large structural corridors".

Pelletier, M-A., Bonterra Resources Completes an Airborne Gravity Survey and Initiates a Ground Geophysical IP Survey at its Desmaraisville Properties

Junior Mining Network (, 14 December 2023

Australian Gravity Data Released

October 2023 - Preliminary gravity data acquired by Sander Geophysics for the Geological Survey of Victoria and Geoscience Australia have been released. Gravity grids covering areas of Greater Melbourne and eastern Victoria can be downloaded from Earth Resources Victoria or the Geological Survey of Victoria Catalogue. Further processing is going to be performed on this high quality preliminary data, so minor updates are to be expected when the final data are released.

Haydon, S.J./Bates, M., 2023. Greater Melbourne and Eastern Victoria Airborne Gravity Survey - Stage 1 Preliminary Grids. Geological Survey of Victoria Technical Record 2023/2. Geological Survey of Victoria

Geological Survey of Victoria (, October 2023

SGL Flying a Helicopter Survey over Southwest Montana

July 2023 - Sander Geophysics is pleased to have been selected to fly this helicopter survey which is located around Butte, Montana. The Montana Bureau of Mines and the US Geological Survey are collaborating on this project and have identified this area for further study due to its mineral potential. The preplanned lines will be flown at 80-100 metres (260-300 feet) above the surface and around 1,000 feet over populated areas. This survey is part of the USGS Earth Mapping Resource Initiative to increase the geologic framework knowledge of the United States and initiate exploration in areas deemed to have potential for undiscovered critical minerals.

Media Alert: The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology and U.S. Geological Survey announce low-level helicopter flights in Southwest Montana

USGS (, 6 July 2023

SGL Flying Large Survey over Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota

May 2023 - Sander Geophysics is thrilled to have been selected to fly a magnetic and radiometric fixed wing survey for the USGS over the Spirit Lake tectonic zone, which encompasses parts of northwest Iowa, northeast Nebraska, southwest Minnesota and southeast South Dakota. According to the USGS, this survey will better map the Precambrian rocks at depth and help to evaluate the potential for critical mineral deposits in the area. Once the final data compilation is complete the information will be made public.

Media Alert: The USGS and agencies from four states announce low-level airplane flights in the Central Great Plains

USGS (, 10 May 2023

SGL Survey Uncovers Critical Minerals Potential in Maine

November 2022 - An airborne magnetic and radiometric survey flown by Sander Geophysics in northern Maine has resulted in the discovery of critical minerals that include the rare earth elements niobium and zirconium, after follow-up groundwork. The findings have been published in the journal, Economic Geology and are summarized in a recent USGS press release. As reported in the press release, "The project has resulted in rewriting of the geologic and tectonic history of the region, and the Earth MRI airborne geophysical survey greatly helps the bedrock mapping and assessment of mineral potential”.

Scientists Discover Significant Critical Minerals Potential in Northern Maine

USGS (, 10 November 2022