Sander Geophysics Limited specializes in surveys using one or more of the following methods:   magnetic total field, radiometric, gravity, and magnetic gradient.  A standard product on all our surveys is a digital elevation model (DEM) derived from SGL's scanning LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system or a combination of radar and laser profiler data.  Surveys are performed using SGL's specially modified fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter.

Sander Geophysics offers gravity surveying with SGL's own Airborne Inertially Referenced Gravimeter (AIRGrav).  As the only purpose-built airborne gravimeter currently flying commercial surveys, AIRGrav was designed specifically for the unique characteristics of the airborne environment.   This design approach has resulted in a superior gravity instrument that can be flown in an efficient light aircraft during normal daytime conditions.  In addition, AIRGrav can easily be flown in combination with magnetic and/or radiometric instruments to increase the potential survey benefits.

SGL helicopters on survey in Kuwait

SGL also provides environmental monitoring services using gamma-ray spectrometers and specialized processing to detect and quantify natural and anthropogenic radiation.

Immediate data processing is part of our standard quality control procedure, and provides our clients with rapid results for evaluation while the survey is in progress.