SGL Data Lead to Positive Mineral Results in Ireland

December 2017 - BTU reports exploration success following up on anomalies initially identified from data acquired by Sander Geophysics as part of the Tellus geoscience mapping programme in Ireland. SGL acquired magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic data for Tellus starting in 2011-12, and between 2015 and 2017 three more surveys were completed. The latest Tellus contract win for Sander Geophysics (see November announcement) means three more years of acquiring these important data in new regions of Ireland starting in 2018.

BTU Galway Gold Update – Exploration Team Discovers New Vein at Lee Target, Galway, Ireland

Geology for Investors (, 27 November 2017

Study says methane could be cut for 'near zero' cost, and SGL can help focus those efforts

November 2017 - A recent study from David Tyner and Matthew Johnson, two Carleton University professors, suggests that methane emissions could be significantly reduced for minimal cost. The authors also point out that the actual amount of methane being released is in most instances only estimated, and they say those estimates may be 50% too low. Sander Geophysics offers airborne methane mapping using SGMethane to find and quantify leaks in infrastructure used for producing, processing, storing and transporting natural gas, oil and other hydrocarbons, and to monitor and quantify all sources of methane emissions. SGMethane reveals all sources of significance, irrespective of awareness of infrastructure existence and location. Having this kind of accurate geo-located data allows responsible organizations and governments to focus methane reduction efforts, and work efficiently to reduce large emitters.

Methane could be cut for 'near zero' cost: Carleton study

The Canadian Press, 23 November 2017

Sander Geophysics Awarded Three Year Contract to Fly Multi-Parameter Surveys in Ireland

November 2017 - The Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) has awarded Sander Geophysics a three year contract to fly a large airborne magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic project in southern Ireland. This project is a continuation of the Tellus surveys that Sander Geophysics flew in 2011-12 and 2015-17. As in the previous surveys, high resolution electromagnetic (EM) data will be acquired using Sander Geophysics' unique SGFEM frequency domain EM system, along with magnetic and radiometric data. According to the GSI, the airborne geophysical data will be used "for geological mapping, resources assessment, mineral exploration, environmental management and geological and environmental research". SGL is very proud of this award and looks forward to continued close collaboration with GSI on this important project.

For the 8th Year AIRGrav Goes to Antarctica with NASA

October 2017 - SGL is very proud to once again be involved in NASA's IceBridge project. This is the eighth year that SGL has supplied its industry leading AIRGrav airborne gravimeter to assist with NASA's polar research. This campaign will be flown from the end of October to the end of November based in Ushuaia, Argentina. As explained by NASA: "This is a new base of operations for IceBridge, which normally flies to Antarctica from Punta Arenas, Chile. The reason for the switch is that this fall, IceBridge scientists and instruments are traveling aboard a P-3 aircraft, which has a shorter range than their regular Antarctic ride, a DC-8."

The mission of Operation IceBridge is to collect data on the changing polar land and sea ice and maintain continuity of measurements between ICESat missions. The original ICESat mission ended in 2009, and its successor, ICESat-2, is scheduled for launch in 2018.

CGG Requests a Retraction

October 2017 - Sander Geophysics regrets having made some statements concerning CGG in a keynote address of the Exploration '17 conference on October 23rd that have been identified as being factually incorrect and provides these corrections and clarifications. CGG is in a financial restructuring process and is not bankrupt. CGG Multi-Physics (including CGG Airborne) is a core part of the CGG offering and was incorrectly stated as being for sale.

Final Flight in Ireland for 2017 Marks Major Tellus Milestone

October 2017 - The final flight of the 2017 Tellus survey marks a significant milestone with more than 50% of Ireland officially "mapped".  Over 46,000 lkm of data were acquired this year using SGL's multi-parameter platform, which includes the high resolution SGFEM four frequency electromagnetic system.   Minister for Natural Resources, Séan Kyne, TD, stated that: "The new data will further reveal the geological make-up of Ireland demonstrating the benefits of the Tellus Programme which include protecting public health, increasing agricultural productivity and allowing for a greater understanding of the country’s natural resources."  Data from all of the previous Tellus surveys are available for download at no charge on the Tellus website, and the newly acquired data will be available in the spring of 2018.

Tellus Airborne Survey of Ireland is 50% Complete

Tellus (, 5 October 2017

Final flight over Mayo marks halfway milestone for survey

The Connaught telegraph, (, 5 October 2017

7 Top Questions Regarding Geophysical Anomalies

September 2017 - Greg Hodges, Senior Geophysicist at Sander Geophysics unveils the essential questions investors need to ask to determine the real meaning of geophysical survey data.

Top seven questions investors need to ask about geophysical anomalies

The Northern Miner, 25 September 2017

Sander Geophysics Returns to Ireland

April 2017 - Sander Geophysics is back in Ireland as part of the Geological Survey of Ireland´s ongoing Tellus project.  SGL´s de Havilland Twin Otter (registration C-GSGF) will be flying at 60 m over western County Donegal and northern County Mayo gathering over 45,000 line kilometres of magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic data.  Dr James Hodgson, Geophysics Programme Manager for Tellus stated: "By late 2017, we expect to have surveyed 50% of Ireland — with the resulting information helping us to better understand the local environment, soil management and natural resource potential for Donegal."

Tellus 'Takes Flight' Over Donegal and Mayo

Tellus (, 20 April 2017

Horizontal Component Gravity Data Released from SGL´s Australian AIRGrav Survey

April 2017 - Another gravity data product has been released from Sander Geophysics´ recently completed AIRGrav survey in the East Kimberley area of Western Australia.  Datasets of the horizontal gravity components are now available for free download, allowing for analysis of the full x, y, z gravity field.  In addition to providing the highest resolution and accuracy, SGL´s AIRGrav is the only airborne gravimeter capable of measuring the horizontal components.  The horizontal component data complement the vertical gravity data released on 23 February 2017, and can be used to provide an estimate of the variation of the gravity vector and gradient tensor over the survey area.

East Kimberley 2016 aerogravity survey — horizontal component data

GSWA ( enewsletter edition 69 - 20 April 2017

Australian AIRGrav Data are Released

February 2017 - The Government of Western Australia is making available over 35,000 lkm of AIRGrav data acquired by SGL at the end of 2016, in the East Kimberley area.  The survey was flown with one of SGL´s Cessna Grand Caravans and data were acquired with Sander Geophysics´ industry leading AIRGrav system.  The data were fully processed by SGL and are available as point data, grids and georeferenced images.

Geophysical data releases — Thursday 23 February 2017

GSWA ( enewsletter edition 67 - 16 February 2017

SGL Prepares for Next Phase of Tellus in Ireland

February 2017 - Sander Geophysics will soon be back in Ireland flying the next phase of the airborne portion of the Tellus project over counties Donegal and Mayo.  This season over 40,000 lkm of data will be acquired using SGL's multi-parameter platform, which includes the high resolution SGFEM four frequency electromagnetic system.  Director of Geological Survey Ireland, Koen Verbruggen, reveals the importance of the project:  “Tellus continues to unearth significant discoveries in relation to the geological composition of Ireland.  By using the latest technology, the next phase of the survey will be delving deep into the environment and natural resources of two regions which are home to some of the oldest rocks in the country.”

Tellus 'Takes Off' this Spring

Donegal News (, February 15, 2017

Tellus 'Takes Off' this Spring

Tellus (, February 15, 2017

SGL Survey Data Used to Target New Exploration Program in Malawi

February 2017 - Mkango Resources has announced its upcoming exploration program in Malawi.  The company said that it will follow up anomalies identified from the World Bank funded nationwide airborne geophysical survey that SGL flew in 2013-14.  The airborne survey involved the acquisition of over 440,000 line kilometres of high resolution magnetic and radiometric data, as well as gravity data over selected areas.  Mkango stated that uranium and the associated tantalum and niobium are the primary focus but lithium potential will also be evaluated.

Mkango Resources surges as it announces exploration programme at Thambani, February 2, 2017

Mkango to Commence 2017 Work Programme on its Thambani Uranium Project in Malawi, February 2, 2017

SGL Acquired West-Central British Columbia Data Show Mineral Potential

January 2017 - High resolution magnetic and radiometric data from the Search II Project flown by Sander Geophysics were released at Roundup 2017.  According to Geoscience BC, the results show potential for new copper, silver and molybdenum deposits.  Search Phase II airborne magnetic and radiometric survey data are now available from Geoscience BC.

Geoscience BC to release results from largest airborne geophysical survey indicating potential for new copper, silver, molybdenum in west-central B.C., January 23, 2017

Roundup 2017: Geoscience BC showcases new mag survey, January 30, 2017

SGL Survey Results to be Released by Geoscience BC at Roundup

January 2017 - Geoscience BC has announced that they will be releasing magnetic and radiometric survey data acquired and processed by Sander Geophysics.   According to the news release, the results from the Search Phase II area will be released at the Mineral Exploration Roundup in Vancouver on January 24th, and fully processed digital data will also be available for download from the Geoscience BC website.  Sander Geophysics flew the 116,345 line kilometer survey using three of its Cessna Grand Caravans, all identically equipped with wingtip and tail magnetometers, as well as gamma-ray spectrometers.

Geoscience BC at Mineral Exploration Roundup 2017, January 17, 2017