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SGL Melt rates in the kilometer-size grounding zone of Petermann Glacier, Greenland, before and during a retreat
E. Ciraci/E. Rignot/B. Scheuchl/B. Tolpekin/M. Wollersheim/L. An/P. Milillo/J. Bueso-Bello/P. Rizzoli/L. Dini, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), (, 8 May 2023

SGL The gravity of the situation
A. Woods/A. Riddell, Spatial Source (, 24 May 2022

SGL New study shows worrisome signs for Greenland ice
J. Abraham, theguardian (, 14 April 2017

SGL Bed elevation of Jakobshavn Isbræ, West Greenland, from high-resolution airborne gravity and other data
L. An/E. Rignot/S. Elieff/M. Morlighem/R. Millan/J. Mouginot/D.M. Holland/D. Holland/J. Paden, Geophysical Research Letters: An AGU Journal, 3 April 2017

SGL Researchers find seafloor valleys below West Antarctic glaciers
R. Millan/V. Bernier/M. Morlighem/E. Rignot/P. Dutrieux, EurekAlert (, 18 January 2017

SGL Ice thickness of the northern half of the Patagonia Icefields of South America from high-resolution airborne gravity surveys
P. Gourlet/E. Rignot/A. Rivera/G. Casassa, AGU Publications, 14 January 2016

SGL Bed topography of Jakobshavn Isbræ, Greenland from high resolution gravity data
L. An/E. Rignot/M. Morlighem/J. Paden/D. Holland, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 18 December 2015

SGL Resolving bathymetry from airborne gravity along Greenland fjords
A. Boghosian/K. Tinto/J.R. Cochran/D. Porter/S. Elieff/B.L. Burton/R.E. Bell, Solid Earth, Journal of Geophysical Research, 2 December 2015

SGL Results from SGL´s AIRGrav airborne gravity system over the Kauring airborne gravity test site      
  • Poster
S.H.P. Elieff/L. Sander, ASEG-PESA 2015, Perth, Australia, February 2015

SGL The Cauca-Patia Basin of Colombia: Applying Multidisciplinary Methods to Improve the Exploration Evaluation of a Frontier Inter-montane Basin
D. Westlund/C. Caulfield/J. Witte/M. Moussallem, First CSEG/EAGE Joint Workshop, 23-25 September 2014, Banff, Canada   (1.9 MB)

SGL Subsurface geologic features of the 2011 central Virginia earthquakes revealed by airborne geophysics
A.K. Shah/J.W. Horton/W.C. Burton/D.B. Spears/A.K. Gilmer, The Geological Society of America, 6 June 2014

SGL Bathymetric and oceanic controls on Abbot Ice Shelf thickness and stability
J.R. Cochran/S.S. Jacobs/K.J. Tinto/R.E. Bell, The Cryoshere, 8, 877-889, 15 May 2014  (2.9 MB)

SGL Geoid Determination from Airborne Vector Gravimetry
S. Ferguson/R. Forsberg, American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2012, abstract #G12A-03

Inversion of IceBridge gravity data for continental shelf bathymetry beneath the Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica
J. Cochran, R. Bell, Journal of Glaciology, Volume 58, Number 209, June 2012

Gravity Case Study of the Podolsky Deposit, Sudbury Basin
E. Baranyi/R. Ellis, KEGS Symposium 2011

SGL AIRGrav Anomaly Detection from Modeling and Field Data using Advanced Acquisition and Processing
S. Sander/L. Sander/S. Ferguson, GEM (International Workshop on Gravity, Electrical and Magnetic Methods), Beijing, China, Oct 2011  (0.2 MB)

SGL Progressive unpinning of Thwaites Glacier from newly identified offshore ridge:  constraints from aerogravity
K.J. Tinto/R.E. Bell, Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 38, L20503, October 2011  (0.8 MB)

Anomaly Detection and Gravity Noise Estimates from Modeling and Field Data
S. Sander/J. Stephen, SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists International Exposition), San Antonio, Texas, Sep 2011  (0.1 MB)

Experiences with AIRGrav in Polar Exploration and Research
S. Elieff/J. Dubé, 3P Arctic (The Polar Petroleum Potential Conference), Halifax, Nova Scotia, Aug-Sep 2011  (2.8 MB)

Advances in SGL AIRGrav acquisition and processing
L. Sander/S. Ferguson, ASEG (Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists) Conference, Sydney, Australia, August 2010  (1.3 MB)

SGL Qualitative and quantitative interpretation of airborne gravity and HRAM targets structures for prospect-scale 2D seismic: Southern Maranon Basin, Peru
H.D. Geiger/E. Velasquez/J.F. Ceron/D.M. Dolberg, 72nd EAGE Conference and Exhibition - Workshops and Fieldtrips, 13 June 2010

High resolution AIRGrav surveys:  advances in hydrocarbon exploration, mineral exploration and geodetic applications
L. Sander/M. Bates/S. Elieff, EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers) Conference, Barcelona, Spain, June 2010  (0.9 MB)

SGL Regional gravity field modeling using airborne gravimetry data
B. Alberts, Publications on Geodesy 70, NCG Netherlands Geodetic Commission, Delft, September 2009  (7.2 MB)

SGL MOUNTAIN MISSION Exploring Antarctica´s Gamburstev Province
Earth Explorer, A Geosoft Publication, Fall 2008  (6.8 MB)

SGL Establishing the 'air truth' from 10 years of airborne gravimeter data
S. Elieff/S. Ferguson, first break volume 26, November 2008  (0.6 MB)

SGL Comparison of AIRGrav and GT-1A airborne gravimeters for research applications
M. Studinger/R. Bell/N. Frearson, Geophysics, Volume 73, Issue 6, October 2008

SGL Fusion of Airborne Gravity and Magnetic Images for Improved Detection of Structural Control
H. Hassan/J. Peirce, Back to Exploration - 2008 CSPG CSEG CWLS Convention   (0.7 MB)

SGL Quality Control Metrics for Airborne Gravity Data
L. Sander/S. Elieff, KEGS Airborne Geophysics Symposium, Toronto, March 2008  (0.2 MB)

SGL AIRGrav airborne gravity survey in Timmins, Ontario
S. Elieff/S. Sander, Airborne Gravity 2004 - Abstracts from the ASEG-PESA Airborne Gravity 2004 Workshop:  Geoscience Australia Record 2004/18, August 2004  (1.9 MB)

SGL The AIRGrav airborne gravity system
S. Sander/M. Argyle/S. Elieff/S. Ferguson/V. Lavoie/L. Sander, Sander Geophysics, Airborne Gravity 2004 - Abstracts from the ASEG-PESA Airborne Gravity 2004 Workshop:  Geoscience Australia Record 2004/18, August 2004  (2.1 MB)

SGL How airborne gravity surveys can make sense for cost effective exploration
L. Sander, First Break Vol. 21, November 2003  (0.1 MB)

SGL Recent Results from SGL's Airborne Gravity Surveys
Sander Geophysics, October 2003  (2.4 MB)

SGL Advantages of close line spacing in airborne gravimetric surveys
S. Sander/V. Lavoie/J. Peirce/R.A. Charters, The Leading Edge, February 2003  (0.5 MB)

SGL On geoid determination from airborne gravity
P. Novák/M. Kern/K.-P. Schwarz/M.G. Sideris/B. Heck/S. Ferguson/Y. Hammada/M. Wei, Journal of Geodesy, February 2003, Volume 76, Issue 9

SGL Measurement of noise in airborne gravity data using even and odd grids
S. Sander/S. Ferguson/L. Sander/V. Lavoie/R.A. Charters, First Break Vol. 20.8, August 2002  (1.4 MB)

SGL Turner Valley, Canada - A Case History in Contemporary Airborne Gravity
J.W. Peirce/S. Sander/R.A. Charters/V. Lavoie, May 2002  (1 MB)

SGL Advances in gravity survey resolution
J.D. Fairhead/M.E. Odegard, The Leading Edge, January 2002  (0.9 MB)

SGL A Comparison of Inertial Platform, Damped 2-axis Platform and Strapdown Airborne Gravimetry
A.M. Bruton/Y. Hammada/S. Ferguson/K.P. Schwarz/M. Wei/J. Halpenny, International Symposium on Kinematic Systems in Geodesy, Geomatics and Navigation (KIS2001-Banff, Alberta), June 2001  (1.3 MB)

SGL Experiences with AIRGrav:  Results from a New Airborne Gravimeter
S. Ferguson/Y. Hammada, International Association of Geodesy Symposia Vol.123, August 2000  (1.6 MB)

SGL AIRGrav results:  a comparison of airborne gravity data with GSC test site data
M. Argyle/S. Ferguson/L. Sander/S. Sander, The Leading Edge, October 2000  (0.7 MB)