Sander Geophysics' SGFEM System Helps Find Gold in Ireland

December 2016 - Playfair Mining reports that gold has been found in structures that were mapped by Sander Geophysics' SGFEM frequency domain electromagnetic system.  The SGFEM data were acquired as part of the 2011-2012 campaign of the multi-year Tellus Project for the Geological Survey of Ireland.  According to Playfair, limited drilling has taken place in a fault zone imaged by the SGFEM data, and gold was discovered in the bedrock.  SGL will start flying the next stage of the Tellus Project in the spring of 2017.

Playfair has discovered a large gold-bearing zone at Cloonacool, December 6, 2016

SGL Completes Survey Flying in Ireland for 2016

October 2016 - Sander Geophysics successfully completes survey flying in the western part of Ireland for 2016.  Over 43,000 line kilometres of magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic date were acquired at a nominal flying height of 60m for the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) as part of their multi-year Tellus project. The data were acquired using SGL's multi-parameter platform, which includes the high resolution SGFEM four frequency electromagnetic system.  Dr. Jim Hodson, Tellus Programme Manager states that "The Tellus Survey continues its rollout across Ireland. It is already delivering many benefits to different sectors of our society, and it offers enormous potential for the future".

Tellus survey activity concludes for 2016 in West of Ireland, October 20, 2016

Sander Geophysics Begins Flying an Airborne Gravity Survey in Australia

October 2016 - Sander Geophysics has started flying a large airborne gravity survey in Australia.  The survey is being conducted on behalf of the Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA), Department of Mines and Petroleum, and Geoscience Australia (GA), a division of the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.  The objective of the survey is to support regional geological mapping in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, and the fully processed data are expected to be publicly available in early 2017.  Sander Geophysics is proud to be working with GSWA and GA on this important project.

Airborne gravity survey to help understanding of Kimberley geology

Government of Western Australia, Department of Mines and Petroleum (, October 11, 2016

For the 7th Year AIRGrav Goes to Antarctica with NASA

September 2016 - SGL is thrilled to once again be involved in NASA's IceBridge project.   This is the seventh year that SGL has supplied its industry leading AIRGrav airborne gravimeter to assist with NASA's polar research.  This campaign will be flown from mid-October to the end of November by NASA's DC-8 based in Punta Arenas, Chile.  The mission of Operation IceBridge is to collect data on the changing polar land and sea ice and maintain continuity of measurements between ICESat missions. The original ICESat mission ended in 2009, and its successor, ICESat-2, is scheduled for launch in 2018.

See the IceBridge web page for more information about past missions.

Newly Released Waterford, Ireland Data Reveals Unprecedented Detail

August 2016 - Sander Geophysics completed data acquisition of the Waterford survey area, which is part of the Geological Survey of Ireland's Tellus project, during May 2016.  The fully processed magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic data have now been released, and can be viewed and downloaded free of charge from The Geological Survey of Ireland's Tellus Programme website.  According to the GSI, exciting complex geology has been revealed; from island-arc volcanoes like ones found in Japan to previously unmapped buried igneous bodies.  Sander Geophysics´ de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter continues to survey the Tellus A2 block from Galway, which is now more than 55% complete.

Latest Tellus Survey unearths the secrets of Waterford´s rugged coastline, July 29, 2016

Sander Geophysics is Flying Geoscience BC´s Largest Airborne Survey

July 2016 - Geoscience BC recently launched its largest airborne survey to date, and Sander Geophysics is acquiring and processing the data.  Three of SGL´s Cessna Grand Caravans, equipped with wingtip and tail magnetometers, as well as gamma-ray spectrometers, are currently flying the survey.  According to Geoscience BC, the survey is designed to expose the mineral potential of west-central British Columbia, and results of the project will be publicly available in 2017.

Geoscience BC Launches Largest Airborne Magnetic Survey in its History, July 27, 2016

Survey Flying in Ireland Moves to the West over Galway

June 2016 - Sander Geophysics recently completed flying a small survey area over the Waterford region in the southeast of Ireland and has now started flying the main survey block, in the northwest around Galway, which is part of the Geological Survey of Ireland's (GSI) Tellus project.  Over 42,500 line kilometres of magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic data will be gathered at a nominal height of 60 metres during the summer of 2016 to complete this area.  According to the GSI, the aim of the Tellus project is to provide more comprehensive data regarding the rocks, soil and water across Ireland.

Tellus Sets Sights on West of Ireland, June 2, 2016

Tellus Sets Sights on the West of Ireland, June 3, 2016

Sander Geophysics Flying Another Multi-parameter Survey in Ireland

May 2016 - Sander Geophysics has started flying an airborne magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic survey in the Waterford region of Ireland.  This survey is a continuation of the Geological Survey of Ireland's (GSI) Tellus project that Sander Geophysics flew last year, and data will again be acquired with SGL's unique SGFEM system.  According to the GSI, "the resulting data has the potential to deliver positive economic, environmental and agricultural benefits."  The GSI credits previous surveys with creating "...significant international interest in mineral exploration...".  Sander Geophysics is very pleased to be working with the GSI on this major geoscience initiative.

Tellus ´Takes Off´ Over South East Ireland, May 5, 2016

Sander Geophysics is Flying a Gravity Survey for the Oceans Melting Greenland Project

May 2016 - Sander Geophysics has started flying a large airborne gravity survey in Greenland as part of the Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) mission, managed by NASA´s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).  OMG, part of NASA´s Suborbital Earth Ventures program, is intended to pave the way for improved estimates of sea level rise during the 21st Century by observing changes in ocean circulation and glacier retreat over a five year campaign using airborne and ship-based assets.  SGL´s role will be to acquire and process high resolution gravity data using its industry leading AIRGrav system.  AIRGrav data will be used by the OMG science team to infer sea floor bathymetry to determine potential pathways for warm Atlantic Water to come into contact with the glaciers.  Sander Geophysics is proud to be working with JPL on this important project.  Go to OMG project for more information.

Sander Geophysics Awarded Survey in Lao

April 2016 - Sander Geophysics is pleased to have been selected to fly an airborne geophysical survey in Lao People's Democratic Republic.  The airborne survey is part of a multi-disciplinary project funded by the World Bank, which is designed to assess the mineral potential in the survey area and to build in-country capacity for detailed geological mapping.   SGL's role will be to acquire and process high resolution helicopter and fixed-wing magnetic and radiometric data.  Sander Geophysics is proud to be working on this project in partnership with the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), International Geoscience Services Ltd. (IGS) and Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited (PGW).

Sander Geophysics Starts Airborne Survey in Myanmar

March 2016 - Sander Geophysics is pleased to announce that we have started flying an airborne geophysical survey in Myanmar.  The project involves the simultaneous acquisition of high resolution gravity and magnetic data using Sander Geophysics´ purpose-built AIRGrav system.  The survey is being flown on a proprietary basis for a major international petroleum company, and the results will be used to model 3-D geological structures and focus the location of follow-on seismic surveys.  In these challenging times, there is even more pressure for exploration companies to reliably and economically evaluate their prospects, and SGL´s unique AIRGrav system continues to be the method of choice for successful explorers worldwide.

Sander Geophysics Celebrates 60 Years in Business!

March 2016 - Sander Geophysics has been in business for 60 years providing high quality geophysical surveys for petroleum and mineral exploration, and environmental mapping.  A major focus for the company has been success through constant innovation.  One example of this is SGL´s industry leading AIRGrav system that was designed and built in-house for resource exploration, scientific study and geodesy.  SGL continues to provide safe, efficient, high quality surveys whether gravity, magnetic, electromagnetic, radiometric, methane, scanning LiDAR or involving multiple techniques.  Thank you to all of our clients and employees for helping us reach this historic milestone, and we look forward to celebrating many others!

Sander Geophysics Celebrates 60 Years

Sander Geophysics Press Release, Ottawa, Canada, March 1, 2016

Newly Released Airborne Data Reveal Collision Between Ancient Continents that Formed Ireland

February 2016 - Results of the 32,643 km multi-parameter Tellus survey that Sander Geophysics flew in Ireland are now available to view and download.  Between June and October 2015, high resolution frequency domain electromagnetics, magnetics and radiometrics were simultaneously recorded using SGL's unique multi-parameter survey platform.  Sophisticated data processing was then performed by Sander Geophysics to prepare the data for public release.  According to the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI), the new data show the "building blocks" of Ireland.  The GSI go on to say that the high resolution data "reveal the join between two ancient continents which collided 400 million years ago, to form Ireland as we know it today".  Sander Geophysics is very pleased to have been a part of this important project, and we look forward to further discoveries as geoscientists continue to study the data.

Latest Tellus airborne geophysics survey results are released

Tellus (, in News, February 19, 2016

Investors Encouraged to Utilize Malawian Geophysical Data

January 2016 - Malawi's government is encouraging investors to access data from the country-wide airborne survey that was recently acquired and processed by Sander Geophysics.  The extensive geophysical database includes a total of 443,055 kilometres of magnetic and radiometric data and a total of 14,596 kilometres of gravity data.  Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Bright Msaka stated that the next step will involve ground geophysics.

Malawi govt urges investors to access geophysical data, January 25, 2016