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SGL The predictive power of airborne gamma ray survey data on the locations of domestic radon hazards in Norway:  A strong case for utilizing airborne data in large-scale radon potential mapping
M.A. Smethurst/R.J. Watson/V.C. Baranwal/A.L. Rudjord/I. Finne, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, Volume 166, Part 2, January 2017

SGL Subsurface geologic features of the 2011 central Virginia earthquakes revealed by airborne geophysics
A.K. Shah/J.W. Horton/W.C. Burton/D.B. Spears/A.K. Gilmer, The Geological Society of America, 6 June 2014

SGL Use of airborne gamma-ray spectrometry for kaolin exploration
B. Tourlière/J. Perrin/P. Le Berre/J.F. Pasquet, Journal of Applied Geophysics, Volume 53, Issues 2-3, August 2003

SGL The Role of Gamma-ray Spectrometry in Radon Risk Evaluation:  A Case History from Oka, Quebec
K.L. Ford, B.W. Charbonneau, R.B.K. Shives, GSC/M. Savard, J.C. Dessau, E. Pellerin, RRSSS-Laurentides, Geoscience Canada, Volume 28, Number 2, June 2001

SGL Reducing Statistical Noise in Airborne Gamma-Ray Data Through Spectral Component Analysis
J. Hovgaard/R.L. Grasty, Proceedings of Exploration 97:  Fourth Decennial International Conference on Mineral Exploration, September 1997